Planning your wedding day: The Day

Planning Your Wedding Day

We hear it all the time during consultations, “We want images like that!” Our potential clients then point out a striking image from one of our sample albums showcasing dramatic lighting, beautiful clouds, and a happy bride and groom locked in an epic kiss. Here is what you need to know while planning your wedding day to make sure that we are able to capture the same gorgeous moments for you…

Example of a Portrait, something is part of planning your wedding day

Example of a Portrait, something is part of planning your wedding day

Making time for Portraits

Scheduling is the number one mistake most brides make concerning their wedding photography. The best conditions for shooting couple portraits outdoors are 1 hour before sunset.

That means that if you want striking skies in your pictures, you need to make sure that there is time for portraits in that golden hour.

We recommend a MINIMUM of 1 hour for the portraits of just you and your groom. The mistake most brides make is to leave an hour between the ceremony and reception for all of their portraits.

This is not enough time once you factor in travel time, family portraits, and the risk of running behind schedule.

We cannot express strongly enough that scheduling is crucial. We are available at any time to help you with the timeline of your day. We love working with our brides-to-be on their schedule.


Breaking free from Tradition

If you are uncomfortable making your guests wait, consider having the majority of your portraits shot before the ceremony in what we like to call a “First Look” session (Read more about this on the next page). With your portraits out of the way before the ceremony we can focus on fun group shots and heirloom family portraits between the ceremony and reception without feeling rushed.

Gathering the Family

One of the biggest time management challenges is gathering your family for portraits after the ceremony. We try to move through these as quickly as possible but sometimes they just go on forever while family members mill around and chat. We always ask for a set photo list before hand that we use to move through things. We also ask that you designate a wedding party member to be our assistant for wrangling family members and making sure they are all paying attention. Also, let key family members know that they will need to stick around after the ceremony for pictures.