During Your Special Day

Why have a “First Look” session During Your Special Day?

First Look During Your Special Day

First Look During Your Special Day

Way back, when marriages were arranged by parents and couples were chosen for strategic reasons and not always romantic ones, brides were kept in hiding up until the moment of the ceremony. This was done so the groom could not make a pre-wedding escape in the event he found her unappealing.

The tradition remained through the years, partly due to nostalgia, and partly due to superstition. Many brides and grooms are taught to believe it is bad luck to see each other before the ceremony. However, as modern couples become more photography savvy, they are kicking this tradition to the curb in favour of something we like to call a “First Look”


The bride and groom get ready separately. When they are both ready, the groom is taken to a picturesque location and waits. The bride then enters and the groom turns to see her for the first time. The moment is extremely intimate and tender.

The emotions captured during a “First Look” are so incredibly tender and genuine. You don’t have to worry about people watching, or what you are going to say. You can cry, kiss, cuddle, laugh and most of all speak to each other – something you can’t do during the ceremony. Plus why wouldn’t you want to savour this super special moment alone together?

Many brides and grooms are afraid seeing each other before the ceremony will ruin the excitement and emotion of walking down the aisle toward each other but this is just not the case. Seeing each other privately before the ceremony helps to calm nerves, and is usually the only time you will both have privately together all day!