After: Encore Sessions

The Day After Encore Sessions

These Encore Sessions are for couples who want to really capture beautiful portraits and romantic shots of themselves in multiple settings and environments and to do so free of the stress and time restraints of the actual wedding day.

Plus it’s a great excuse to get all dolled up again! During these sessions, couples wear their wedding clothing, and sometimes even bring another bouquet.

Clothes may get a bit dirty depending on the location of the session – but it’s cleanable. These sessions can be held anytime after your wedding, not just the “day after”

Trash the Dress

Trash the Dress Encore Session

Trash the Dress Encore Session

Our “Trash the Dress” (or Tuxedo) sessions start off the same as our “Day After” session but then they go much further.

Your dress will get ruined! These sessions are not for everyone – but if you don’t like the idea of storing your beautiful dress in a huge bag in the attic where it will slowly turn yellow – and would rather have a lot of fun and create unique images and memories – this may be the perfect session for you.

During these sessions we are not worried about getting dirty we go anywhere, climb anything, jump into fountains, pools and oceans, and get all kinds of dramatic, show-stopping, brag-worthy, make-everyone-you-know-jealous images.