Digital Negatives

Digital Negatives

Digital Negatives are the original digital proof images.  We make them available for purchase on some of our events such as weddings.  These files receive only minor color correction and are considered a proof product that we make available as an archiving option.

The files are delivered in a custom case containing a data-dvd with the same photos that are available in our online gallery.  Also included is a printed photo release which will be required to make prints from these files at any retail location.

Why would I want to purchase the Digital Negatives?

We consider this a great option for those concerned about accessibility to their photos years in the future.
Most of our clients who purchase the disc still decide to purchase an album and prints through use because they know they will look their best in the images that we have custom edited for the albums and prints.

What do you mean by proof image?

Proof images have not received any form of custom editing for each photo. There has been a general edit to make them presentable but we suggest ordering ‘custom printing’ when placing an order from a photo lab. All prints ordered through us are custom printed to look their best!