My style is very fluid; I strive to capture the family unit as they are in relation to each other. We will try many different groupings and poses during our session. Please be prepared to sit down on the grass, large rocks or fallen tree branches – if you are not comfortable with potentially getting a bit dirty please let me know ahead of time.

When posing large groups – especially multi generational families – it’s key to create different heights. Often the grandparents will stand in the middle with their children around them and the grandchildren on the ground in front, this creates a photo that shows the expanse of their family.

Spouses are typically grouped together with children near by.

It’s important to stay loose – a stiff body makes a bad portrait.

Laughter is an important part of capturing a happy family. I often tell very silly jokes when working to relieve tension and make people laugh.

When I pose a group I will always start with the parents and grandparents as they have the most stamina, children will be added at the last second as they have the most difficulty staying in place.

Once posed adults must always be looking at the camera. With children I often have to work hard to make them look at the camera and smile, but that’s part of the job. There is nothing worse that working hard to get a child to look at the camera only to have the parent looking at the child and pleading with them to smile right when they do.