Kids are wonderful – they produce the most memorable photos – but they are also the most challenging in a large group setting.

It’s important to schedule the session at a time when the children with be well rested and calm.

Children sometimes enjoy a small favourite toy to hold and play with during the portrait session. We can start with it and perhaps be able to take a portrait without it also. One that matches the color of the clothing is preferable. You might want to bring a favourite toy, keep it secret from them, and let me have it to surprise them. When you discuss the upcoming session with your children, please don’t instruct them to “smile,” or “do exactly what Micah says,” etc. Also don’t bribe them that if they “do . . . , I’ll get you . . . .”. Children usually seem to know you want them to do something they don’t want to do when you offer them a treat for doing it. You can let them know you’re excited, and leave everything else to us.

Remember kids will be kids – as hard as we try sometimes they just need to be themselves – the good news is that that’s part of what makes them so unique and memorable – just roll with it.