17-20150529-110-Michelle Luib and Sean Campbell-_MG_9565

I had so much fun hanging our with Sean and Michelle down on the Toronto waterfront. Other than the terrible construction and none existent parking, the day was perfect, slightly overcast (a photographers favorite), not to busy, camera in hand, and a beautiful happy couple in front of me.

01-20150529-022-Michelle Luib and Sean Campbell-_MG_942802-20150529-030-Michelle Luib and Sean Campbell-_MG_9446


I can’t wait for your guys wedding…. it’s going to be so much fun capturing your special day

03-20150529-029-Michelle Luib and Sean Campbell-_MG_9443

04-20150529-036-Michelle Luib and Sean Campbell-_MG_9460


I love this serious pose!!!! So striking

05-20150529-007-Michelle Luib and Sean Campbell-_MG_938706-20150529-016-Michelle Luib and Sean Campbell-_MG_9410

07-20150529-042-Michelle Luib and Sean Campbell-_MG_9471

08-20150529-046-Michelle Luib and Sean Campbell-_MG_947809-20150529-055-Michelle Luib and Sean Campbell-_MG_9493

10-20150529-050-Michelle Luib and Sean Campbell-_MG_9482

11-20150529-063-Michelle Luib and Sean Campbell-_MG_9516

12-20150529-064-Michelle Luib and Sean Campbell-_MG_9518

13-20150529-075-Michelle Luib and Sean Campbell-_MG_9530

14-20150529-080-Michelle Luib and Sean Campbell-_MG_9535

15-20150529-066-Michelle Luib and Sean Campbell-_MG_952016-20150529-154-Michelle Luib and Sean Campbell-_MG_9609

18-20150529-111-Michelle Luib and Sean Campbell-_MG_9566

19-20150529-126-Michelle Luib and Sean Campbell-_MG_9581

20-20150529-132-Michelle Luib and Sean Campbell-_MG_9587

21-20150529-158-Michelle Luib and Sean Campbell-_MG_9613

22-20150529-185-Michelle Luib and Sean Campbell-_MG_9640

23-20150529-203-Michelle Luib and Sean Campbell-_MG_9658

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