I were both so excited about Vanessa and Dom’s Wedding Photography. Ever since we met them in the spring we were looking forward to hanging out with them and sharing their special day.

Their engagement shoot in the distillery district was so much fun that when it came time to do their wedding we new we were in for a treat.

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Vanessa’s gown was truly stunning – she looked fabulous.

Vanessa and Domenic’s ceremony and reception were held at The Doctor’s House. For more information about this venue checkout my review.

Vanessa and Dom thank you so much for letting us be a part of your special day, we hope you love the photos!

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  1. by Vanessa Lau


    I believe that it is Dom and I who should say thank you for being there for us, helping us out when we needed it and for going above and beyond. You made it so easy for everyone that day that there are no words that can express our gratitude. You have captured not only the love that we have for one another but the love between family and friends and we are forever grateful. On our way home from meeting you tonight we were talking about the day and the photos and Dom pointed out something and he said that yes you can have a video of your wedding and it will bring you through the day but that day is through the videographers eyes where as a photographer captures that moment and freezes it in time. And when you look back at that photo you begin to think back and you remember all the little things and details and what led up to that moment. Those are the memories that you have helped us create and in my opinion that is the best gift that anyone can ever give someone.

    Thank you Micah for being there for us and capturing this day for us.

    We love you guys 🙂

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