Vanessa was wearing a gown from Mona Richie Bridal in Woodbridge and it was stunning. Not only was it a beautiful gown but it fit Vanessa perfectly and complimented her extremely well.

To learn more about Mona Richie bridal visit their official website at www.monarichiebride.com or call them at 905-856-6888

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  1. by Vanessa

    The bridal boutique was great as well.
    When I went for my dress fitting it was great and there were no alterations that needed to be made other that the correct placement of the bustle.
    From the day that I tried the dress to the date what I picked it up the one of the sales ladies told me not to be disappointed that I didn’t lose or gain any weight. She said to me that a “Happy bride never gains or looses weight, they stay the same and they are the best brides” and you know… I have to agree with her… the dress the cake the ceremony, the venue and the DJ and MC were great along with the flowers and I would not change a single thing.

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