When I first met Andrea and Brett to discuss their wedding plans I think I was as excited about their venue as they were. I had the pleasure of visiting the Steamwhistle roundhouse in the past and when they told me they were going to have their wedding their I was very excited.

It ended up being the perfect spot for them, it fit their personality and style to a tee, plus it’s Brett’s favorite kind of beer!

We had a great time photographing their wedding and we hope they love the photos.

001-20100717-0796-Andrea_and_Brett-_MG_0006-2 002-20100717-0340-Andrea_and_Brett-_MG_9824 003-20100717-0367-Andrea_and_Brett-_MG_9883 004-20100717-0097-Andrea_and_Brett-_MG_9551 005-20100717-0381-Andrea_and_Brett-_MG_9916 006-20100717-0420-Andrea_and_Brett-_MG_9944 007-20100717-0447-Andrea_and_Brett-_MG_9954-Edit 008-20100717-0513-Andrea_and_Brett-_MG_0008 009-20100717-0815-Andrea_and_Brett-_MG_0038-2-Edit 010-20100717-0820-Andrea_and_Brett-_MG_0047-2-Edit 011-20100717-0917-Andrea_and_Brett-_MG_9943-2 012-20100717-1077-Andrea_and_Brett-_MG_0139 013-20100717-0843-Andrea_and_Brett-_MG_0099-2 014-20100717-1089-Andrea_and_Brett-_MG_0178-Edit 20100717-0014-Andrea_and_Brett-_MG_9427-Edit 20100717-0024-Andrea_and_Brett-_MG_9439 20100717-0068-Andrea_and_Brett-_MG_9507 20100717-0284-Andrea_and_Brett-_MG_9745-Edit 20100717-0340-Andrea_and_Brett-_MG_9824 20100717-0367-Andrea_and_Brett-_MG_9883-2 20100717-0459-Andrea_and_Brett-_MG_9965 20100717-0554-Andrea_and_Brett-_MG_9743 20100717-0566-Andrea_and_Brett-_MG_9761 20100717-0629-Andrea_and_Brett-_MG_9809-Edit 20100717-0843-Andrea_and_Brett-_MG_0099-2-2 20100717-0886-Andrea_and_Brett-_MG_0154-2 20100717-0905-Andrea_and_Brett-_MG_0223-2 20100717-1046-Andrea_and_Brett-_MG_0101 20100717-1058-Andrea_and_Brett-_MG_0125 20100717-1079-Andrea_and_Brett-_MG_0142 20100717-1080-Andrea_and_Brett-_MG_0143 20100717-1083-Andrea_and_Brett-_MG_0167 20100717-1089-Andrea_and_Brett-_MG_0178

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