This past Sunday I got to hang out with another of our awesome wedding couples!

We took Vanessa and Dominic down to the historic Distillery District in the heart of downtown Toronto for their Engagement session.

I can safely say everyone had a great time.

Dominic and Vanessa we can’t wait for your guys this October, it’s going to be a blast.

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  1. by Domenic

    I love the pic’s! I had a ton of fun doing them, even with the little sleep i got the night before! The Bowerbanks made it fun, enjoyable and made us feel comfortable taking the photo shoot. I just can’t wait to see the wedding Photos.


  2. by Vanessa


    Thank you for the wonderful day and the wonderful experience. You truely know how to capture the essence of what we are about.
    Dom and I had an amazing time with the both of you and we are extremly honoured and blessed to have met such a great and talented couple.


    P.S. Thank you for making me look good on camera! 🙂

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