Isn’t he the cutest thing you have ever seen? One month old baby Liam was a pure joy to work with, there was no drama or demands for his own dressing room or special treatment. He was full of smiles and he always looked at the camera. I think I want to hire him to teach some of the toddlers I photograph.

Christine and Mike you guys are really lucky to have such a beautiful baby boy. I hope you love the pics, we had a blast.

20100115-019-Liam-_MG_1599 20100115-033-Liam-_MG_1633 20100115-040-Liam-_MG_1649 20100115-050-Liam-_MG_1671 20100115-059-Liam-_MG_1706 20100115-069-Liam-_MG_1729 20100115-078-Liam-_MG_1745 20100115-085-Liam-_MG_1753 20100115-096-Liam-_MG_1775 20100115-101-Liam-_MG_1784 20100115-105-Liam-_MG_1825 20100115-004-Liam-_MG_1573-Edit 20100115-012-Liam-_MG_1584

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  1. by Kim Mark

    The pics are beautiful! Christina and Mike love what they’ve seen so far. Can’t wait to see them all! Great work.

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