Sarah and Glen had the honor of being our last wedding of the 2009 season – and it was a good one. I’m always happy and sad going into my last wedding of the year. I’m happy because I get a break, but sad because I don’t get to shoot another one for a couple months. That’s why I always try and give my all to my last wedding, and it’s why my last couple of the year always hold a special place in my heart.

Sarah and Glen you guys were great at your wedding. The whole day was truly magical. I hope you love the photos. Congratulations on your wedding.

20091114-0048-Sarah-Glen-_MG_7898 20091114-0121-Sarah-Glen-_MG_7965 20091114-0150-Sarah-Glen-_MG_7988 20091114-0159-Sarah-Glen-_MG_7996 20091114-0305-Sarah-Glen-_MG_8158 20091114-0319-Sarah-Glen-_MG_8199 20091114-0383-Sarah-Glen-_MG_8323 20091114-0389-Sarah-Glen-_MG_8342 20091114-0460-Sarah-Glen-_MG_8521 20091114-0682-Sarah-Glen-_MG_8862-1 20091114-0696-Sarah-Glen-_MG_8888 20091114-0809-Sarah-Glen-_MG_8408 20091114-0831-Sarah-Glen-_MG_8692-2 20091114-0853-Sarah-Glen-_MG_8741-1

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  1. by Paula

    What a Great ending to the wedding season. Hope to be seeing you at Canada’s Bridal Show this year.

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