Julie and Rob have been our wildest couple this year! You guys rock! First we had a fun filled (breaking & entering) engagement session. Then came their luxury wedding at Woodington Golf and Country Club. But the icing on the cake was when Julie called and asked if I wanted to Trash her Dress. My obvious answer was YES!

Now keep in mind it is mid October – the air was 5 degrees and I can’t even guess how cold the water was. You two are tough. I hope you love the photos – I can’t wait to photograph you guys again, you make my job easy!

20091018-1114-Julie_Rob-_MG_5768 20091018-1122-Julie_Rob-_MG_5779 20091018-1124-Julie_Rob-_MG_5781 20091018-1131-Julie_Rob-_MG_5791 20091018-1136-Julie_Rob-_MG_5798 20091018-1151-Julie_Rob-_MG_5841 20091018-1157-Julie_Rob-_MG_5853 20091018-1167-Julie_Rob-_MG_5870-Edit 20091018-1171-Julie_Rob-_MG_5875-Edit 20091018-1179-Julie_Rob-_MG_5885 20091018-1202-Julie_Rob-_MG_5946 20091018-1226-Julie_Rob-_MG_5997-Edit 20091018-1240-Julie_Rob-_MG_6018-Edit 20091018-1246-Julie_Rob-_MG_6026 20091018-1247-Julie_Rob-_MG_6000-Edit 20091018-1250-Julie_Rob-_MG_6032-Edit 20091018-1265-Julie_Rob-_MG_6053 20091018-1272-Julie_Rob-_MG_6062 20091018-1275-Julie_Rob-_MG_6074-Edit 20091018-1296-Julie_Rob-_MG_6106

To see more photos and slideshows or to order prints from Julie and Rob’s Trash the Dress Session visit http://prints.micahbowerbank.com/enterEvent.php?id=166898.
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  1. by Wendy

    Amaizing pictures and nice couple.
    I was wondering if the bride still has her dress as I Might be interested in buying the dress in the condition it is.
    If you are still in contact with her, would you please be so kind to pass my e-mail address onto her.
    Thank you


  2. by Kari

    Send an email to ridermama@gmail.com and I will forward it to her. She still has the dress. These pics were taken yesterday.

    Micah – the wedding and trash the dress pics are AWESOME. You guys have done a great job!

  3. by Tabatha

    I’m getting married in 2010 and want my pictures to look as stunning as these ones do. Please let me know if we can meet to discuss your prices and packages.

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