Both Amy and Jody seemed camera shy at first, but after a few frames their personalities come out and they light up every photo.

Their wonderful wedding was held at the cozy Centennial United Church in Stayner, followed by a fun filled reception in the great room of the Craigleith Ski Club in Collingwood.

Jody was a very lucky guy, not only was he able to marry the girl of his dreams this past Saturday but she also got 2 classic cars for him to drive – he was surprised with a 1960’s Ford Thunderbird for his drive to the church and then on top of that a 1926 Ford Model A to go from the church to the photo shoot. The look on his face was priceless.

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To see more photos and slideshows or to order prints from Amy and Jody’s wedding visit http://prints.micahbowerbank.com/enterEvent.php?id=157783.
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  1. by tobi filion

    Amy and Jody you both look amazing and so much in love.

    Micah you are simply amazing photographers, I can not wait for you two to share my special day. You captured the love Amy and Jody have for one another and you blended in as part of the family, You to are very professional and a absolute pleasure to have at any special occasion.

    Amy Jody, I love you two very much may all your days be as happy and memorable as this amazing day.

  2. by Bethany Gilbert

    Great job on these! Love the rings on the strawberry.

  3. I love the ring shot! They look like such a happy couple. I also adore the first dance shot!! 🙂 Great photos.

  4. Lovely! You captured a fun wedding and beautiful couple with timeless images. They will be treasured for a long, long time. Good work!

  5. by Brandi

    Beach AND farm?? I’m jealous! What great locations and what a fun couple!

  6. by Eloise Clarke

    I agree with all of these comments, I have to say your rates were very competitive for a Toronto Wedding Photographer, I’ve refered you to all my friends in the Hamilton and Oakville area for their weddings.

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